You’re finally ready to get started! Yay! We’re super excited to see you start raising your pledge for  ONERUN! As mentioned in the previous article, there are two options to raise your pledge. Online and paper pledges. This series will go over both, but online will be our main focus.

Creating An Account

Creating an account is easy. You can first do so by going to your ONERUN school home page. You can find the directory by clicking here.

On the directory, you will need to click on your school’s page to get all relevant information for your school. It is important to note that some schools have different events, requirements, etc., so make sure that you keep informed about your school is important.

Step 1. Click on your school from the ONERUN School directory.


Step 2. Click on “Login/Register Online”


Step 3. If you’re trying to start a new pledge (student, staff, etc.), click on “Register”. If you’re trying to donate to a school’s total, click “Donate Now”.


Step 4. Complete the prompts on your school’s donation pages.

Step 5. Once you’ve created your account, you will automatically receive two emails to your inbox. The first one will confirm your spot on your team and welcome you to your school. The second will be a receipt of your account and any donations that you have completed up until this point.

It is important to note that each time you complete a transaction online you will always receive an email receipt.

For questions about our online payment processes, please click here, or contact us directly.