Log in to your ONERUN account to access your Supporter Dashboard and recurring donations. Select Edit Donation for the recurring donation you want to edit.

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Edit Recurring Donation

From here you can edit the credit card information and the billing address for your recurring donation. Click Save to update your donation information. You can also click on Cancel My Recurring Donation at the bottom of the Edit Form to cancel your recurring donation. To change the amount that you give or the date of the next transaction, please contact the organization you support.

image of the editing form for recurring donations

FAQ / Troubleshooting

Why did my recurring donation fail?
The most common cause for a failed recurring donation is an expired credit card. To fix the issue, be sure to update the credit card information using the steps above. If you’ve recently moved, you may also need to update your billing address.

If your card information and billing address are up to date, we recommend contacting your card issuer or bank for further assistance.

Can I put my recurring donation on pause?

While you cannot put your recurring donation on pause, you can always cancel it and set up a new recurring donation in the future. Just revisit the page where you made a donation and choose to give monthly again.

If you run into problems, please contact ONERUN Support at support@onerun.ca or by calling us at (519) 878-2821.