***Edits, revisions or resending any receipt can only be done by an administrator at Team ONERUN. To do this, please contact us or email support@onerun.ca with your request to make any changes to your original receipt.***

We’re more than happy to make edits, revisions or changes to your donation receipt so long as your donation meets the following criteria.

  • The event that you’ve donated to has not happened already (this includes the day of).
  • The event receipt is greater than $5 CAD.
  • The sender/person requesting the change, edit or revision to the receipt is the current email/contact on file within our system.
  • The receipt has not been already altered previously, regardless of the edit being requested.

Receipts greater than $25 CAD or donors with multiple donations in our system will be asked for verification of any of the following information to enforce our policy and to ensure consistent compliance. Verifications from our team may include the following:

  • Address/Postal Code
  • Name of Campaign/Event supporting
  • Amount donated (excluding applied taxes)
  • Phone number on file
  • Card type used
  • The expiration date on the card on file

Failure to answer or forward the original receipt to support@onerun.ca will result in the receipt being locked by our team to ensure security and to ensure that changes to original receipts do not affect the outlines of our donation policy.