Yes! We will manually credit the amount you give to the campaign of your choice.

To make sure your funds go the right place, we will need you to specify some information for us.

  • Written in the memo or attached in the envelope or you can email ONERUN Support with these details.
    • If you are emailing us, please also include the cheque number and a picture (front and back) of the cheque.
    • Write the Campaign name in the memo (alpha-numeric case sensitive)
      • Please also include your full name
      • Email address or phone number
  • The cheque needs to be payable to “ONERUN”
  • The endorsement signature is signed on the back.

You will be given a tax receipt for any cheque sent to ONERUN via email. Mailed receipts are only given to corporate or school administration supporters upon specific request. Please wait for email confirmation that we have received your cheque, and once your funds have been uploaded we will also send you a notice that your cheque has been successful.

You can mail your cheque to our offices at:

75 Blackfriars St.
London, ON 
N6H 1K8

If you run into problems with donation through a cheque, please contact ONERUN Support and we will be happy to help you on a case-by-case basis.